Fractional Sales Manager in Philadelphia, PA

What Does a Fractional VP of Sales Do?

Our flexible, accessible, and determined VP of sales is here to solve your challenges and improve your processes with step-by-step insights. By partnering with our CRO in Philadelphia, we replace the fog of uncertainty with a cohesive and concise sales and management model. Instead of struggling to solve the puzzle internally, utilize our fractional sales manager on a temporary or intermittent basis and find the answers you need for significantly less than a permanent hire. 

 Our fractional sales leader in Philadelphia is your all-in-one resource for: 

    • Sales plan creation and improvement to drive revenue growth

    • Strategizing to capitalize on current opportunities and differentiate your brand

    • Coaching and mentorship for executive, management, and sales roles

    • Sales systems evaluation and implementation of new tools

    • Tracking sales performance and adapting to shifting market dynamics

    • Ongoing support with managerial tasks, new hire training, and many other core needs

Gain a fresh perspective and overcome stagnant growth or lackluster sales performance. For a fraction of the cost, outsourcing your sales strategizing and management processes to our sales leader can revolutionize your model. As a VP of sales with over 25+ years of diverse industry expertise, connecting your company with proven performance strategies is our sole focus.

With Yong Kim helping you achieve your sales objectives, your team gains the insider’s edge on the top sales methodologies and operational strategies. By updating your outreach systems and implementing creative sales strategies, we empower your business with the framework you need to excel in sales. In addition to directly improving forward-facing sales processes, we provide comprehensive assistance with leadership training, managerial support, and targeted research to build a data-driven foundation of success. 


fractional vp of sales philadelphia

Benefits of Hiring a Fraction Chief Revenue Officer

Our successful business consultants in New Jersey and Philadelphia have assisted international brands, growing regional enterprises, and burgeoning small businesses across all sectors. Our broad scope of industry knowledge gives us a significant advantage over traditional CROs or VPs of sales who are only familiar with a single industry or trade. With sales consulting expertise that spans numerous industries and has a global reach, our expertise offers: 

    • A clearer perspective of regional, national, and global trends

    • A strategic blueprint for sales success, regardless of industry or target demographics

    • A proven approach to enrich client relations and staff morale

    • A dedicated mentorship that will prepare your team for long-term success

From first contact with our business strategy coach in Philadelphia, PA, we aim to inspire confidence in our capabilities and dedication to excellence. Our partners quickly discover that we adopt their goals as our own, doing everything in our power to optimize their operations and create a better plan through adaptability and guidance that honors their company's vision. Ultimately, our fractional sales manager in Philadelphia only succeeds when our partners do.

fractional sales manager philadelphia

Get in Contact With Yong Kim Today!

Our fractional sales leader in Philadelphia has an open-door policy and provides straightforward recommendations without obligation. During the initial discovery call with our CRO, we will help you determine if short-term guidance or a broader scope of sales management, recruiting, training, or business plan development services will be the most beneficial for your brand. 

Whatever your sales hurdles or management objectives may be, we will help you find solutions that are both affordable and attainable. To learn more about our cost-effective support, get in touch with our sales leader for revenue-boosting recommendations today. 

Fractional Sales Manager in Philadelphia, PA