I understand that leading and growing your company is hard work. Many business leaders don’t have the time, expertise, or energy it takes to put a sales strategy in place that will drive revenue for years to come.

Hi, I'm Yong Kim & I Can Help!

As an Outsourced VP of Sales, I am a Certified Sales Operating and Management System expert, ready to build a sales infrastructure for sustained growth. If you are ready to take the first step, contact me to set up a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY CALL.


  • Growth: Experiencing stagnant/declining sales, or are you growing too quickly and can’t scale?
  • Stress: Doing too many things (and none as well as you could), and frustrated by the lack of control you feel?
  • Balance: Are you inundated with day-to-day decisions, instead of focusing time on new ideas and ways to drive the business forward?
  • Plan: Do you have a clear roadmap outlining how to build a solid sales infrastructure?

If you find yourself facing uncertainty about the road ahead, you are not alone. Business leaders of all sizes face this. As a Certified Sales Operating and Management System™ implementor, I will help you reclaim control of your sales organization.

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We are more than a consulting company; I take the time to learn about your unique needs with a thorough assessment of your business to discover how I can best support you. Once a custom plan is developed, I become a part of your team and execute the plan by implementing the right systems, tools, and processes to deliver results.


My goal is the same as yours, to achieve and exceed your revenue goals. In fact, 98% of our clients see an increase in revenue during the first year. Unlock your business growth potential by putting the right sales leader in place, for a fraction of the cost.


How to Develop a Sales Compensation Plan

How Leaders Create Sales Action Plans to Improve the Bottom Line



I bring 25+ years of highly successful sales leadership experience. My career as a sales leader ranges from large, medium, and small companies. I’ve led initiatives for recruiting, training, mentoring, coaching, advancing careers, and growing revenue to new heights based on strategic planning. This is based on a career of professional classroom style leadership training as well as professional and life experiences.

I team up with companies to help grow and to maximize the sales for the company. My satisfaction stems from helping other achieve their goals. I was excited to find a home with Sales Xceleration to help small and medium size business grow their sales.


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Need help recruiting for a sales position in your company? We have a unique perspective and a focused specialty in sales recruiting.

Amplify Recruiting is Sales Xcelerations wholly-owned subsidiary. Our 25+ years of experience, dedicated recruiters, and proven 5-step Hiring Approach brings a new level of recruiting support to our clients.

Do you have the right skillset to hire top-performing candidates? Take our hiring assessment to find out.

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How Yong Kim Helps Struggling Businesses

Our collaborative business coaching services in Philadelphia, PA include: 

  • Comprehensive Business Model Assessments: Oftentimes, an outside analysis consultant is the key to identifying areas of need. Our experienced consulting firm will help you determine exactly where improvements in sales, management, or training infrastructure can be made.
  • Business Plan Optimization: We can help you build a stronger business plan and outreach model from the ground up. Our analysis consultant offers step-by-step support while developing a concrete blueprint for success.
  • Strategy Implementation: Empowering your staff with the tools, information, and leadership they need to adhere to the plan is essential. We can help your team master the sales processes, and customer service systems, and assist with all elements related to the new-and-improved plan.
  • Top-Tier Recruiting: Our consulting firm is synonymous with cost-effective talent acquisition. Our recruiting arm, Amplify, can connect your company with reputable, experienced, and qualified candidates who are driven to outperform.
  • Goal-Oriented Training: For new hires and existing personnel, our knowledgeable advisors provide all-inclusive training services. Our credentialed business advisors can help you bridge gaps in staff knowledge, provide management/leadership training, and assist with all facets of sales and customer services education.

Business Analysis Consultant in Philadelphia, PA

Lean, effective, and organized strategies define our collaborative approach to business optimization. Is your business plan lacking polish or a definite roadmap to success? Are your sales strategies failing to achieve the impactful outreach your valuable products or services deserve? Does your management model inspire productivity, inclusivity, and outstanding customer service? 


Solving your unique challenges with expertly calibrated business solutions is our specialty. As Certified Sales Operating and Management System™ experts, we implement proven sales and management methods to prime your business for sustainable growth and memorable client impressions. 

With your company’s vision always in focus, our Philadelphia firm isolates the weaknesses, determines cost-effective adjustments, and implements proven strategies to transform lackluster performance into predictable growth. As your committed advocates for rising sales and organized management practices, we go far beyond the basics of traditional business consulting.

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If you are ready to expand your sales leadership skills, our Certified Sales Leader (CSL) program is for you. The CSL designation is the country’s most comprehensive sales leadership certification program offered, guaranteed to prepare you with the analytical, tactical, and strategic sales management skills needed to drive revenue growth for your organization.

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Benefits of Hiring Yong Kim As Your Business Advisor

Best of all, our consulting insights in Philadelphia are appropriate for any business model or sector. We proudly support commercial producers, retail brands, local service companies, e-commerce stores, sales agencies, and every type of business in between. Regardless of the industry served, 98% of our clients have experienced an increase in revenue during their first year. With our corporate advisors implementing the competitive edge, our strategic planning in Philadelphia can: 

Improve your sales and management plan
Minimize wasteful operating expenses
Transform prospective clients into repeat customers
Prepare your team for long-term success
Help you scale and gain a larger market share
Reduce your stress, save you time, and increase your profitability

Stabilizing your operations, accelerating your growth potential, and shielding your company from the turbulent market tides is personal with our sales consultant in Philadelphia, PA. By accurately identifying your areas of weakness and developing a better business plan, our strategies lead to reduced operating costs, improved workplace morale, and rising customer satisfaction. By respecting your vision and building upon your strengths, our synergistic support provides a catalyst for tangible growth while honoring the integrity of your organization. 


Unleashing your brand’s true potential is our passion and expertise. As your dedicated business advisor serving Delaware, you can always anticipate communicative support, flexible service options, and concise guidance that simplifies every step on the road to a more successful business. 


Ready to accelerate your company’s outreach and achieve sustainable growth with a business consultant in New Jersey? Access our organized collaboration and learn more about our cutting-edge development strategies with a free consultation call today.